About Us

The Zen Gift Shop was created with the idea that life is far to crazy!

We wanted to bring you a less stressful gift giving experience without breaking the bank. The shop creators, 2 single moms, took up this side gig because they too were tired of the rat race, restrictions and none sense of in-person retail shopping. Bring their ideas to life in one easy place, putting uniquely designed ideas out adding a personalized experience. Alot of work has gone into this shop and the goal is to supply our customers with the greatest selection available.

Most of the designs can be transferred to any product in our collections. Some designs were created for a specific item and therefore can not. With that being said ... see something you would like on a mug but want it on a t-shirt drop us a line. Don't see something but would like to... we can create your design for you.

Custom and personalized options are a message away.

Thanks for stopping by...check back often things are forever changing.

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